Florence in a Weekend

So Florence was the place we had heard the most hype about. People called it their favorite city in the world, & that’s saying a lot. We arrived in Florence & it was certainly beautiful, just maybe not our FAVORITE city in the world. Despite that, it really was great & I’m here to share all of our favorite parts about it.

Where to stay

For this trip we decided to stay in an Airbnb because there are so many cute & affordable options in the city! We chose to stay on the north side of the city so that we would be close to the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Flore – one of the most beautiful works of architecture I’ve ever seen. Staying here left almost the entire trip walkable!

Where to eat

There are so many great options for food in Florence. We based ours around our activities.

When checking out the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Flore, we went to Caffe Duomo. There are some great views of the cathedral, & where we discovered how delicious pears, cheese & honey are. We still haven’t been able to recreate the taste in the States!

Another great option when you are exploring the city is Alice in Wonderland Di Lombardi. We had some delicious bruschetta here – probably one of our favorites!

& finally, when you are looking for a good snack & a bottle of wine (say for sunset), stop at our favorite cute little shop: Panini & Vini.

What to do

I really loved the amazing experiences we had in Florence. There were so many awesome options & I will share some of my favorites here that can all fit into a weekend!

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Flore – Like I said, this is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen. You will find yourself staring in awe for quite a while. I suggest getting breakfast or lunch in one of the surrounding restaurants & sit outside to just soak in the view. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go inside due to needing tickets in advance (so get those!), but the outside was still THAT impressive.
  • The San Lorenzo Market – This is such a fun market to walk around in with TONS of leather goods. If you are looking for Italian leather, this is where you want to get it. It’s a great place to grab some gifts, too!
  • Tuscany (specifically, Chianti) winery tour – When in Florence, you must go to Tuscany. & if you are looking for the best of the best, make it Chianti. I didn’t even like wine until I went here!
  • Ponte Vecchio at sunset – This bridge is a famous landmark in Florence & for good reason. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Make sure you claim a spot on the bridge so you can watch sunset. You won’t regret it.
  • Piazzale Michelangelo – If you want the most breathtaking view in all of Florence, this is it. You will see the entire city! Grab a bottle of wine & some cheese & make the hike (it can be a little rough for those who aren’t active) up & soak it in.
  • Pasta making class – If you are looking for something different & fun to do, a pasta making class is the perfect option. & what better place than in Italy? We found ours through Airbnb!

Random tips

  • Take in the local experiences that are aplenty in Florence. Since we stayed in an Airbnb, we decided to use the new Airbnb Experiences feature & LOVED them all!
  • Bring comfortable shoes. The city is very walkable which is awesome, but you will be walking a LOT!

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