Beauty Product Review: Olay Mists

With winter right around the corner, I know my skin is about to become as dry as the Sahara. I have the most lovely skin type: super oily in the summer & super dry in the winter. So I am always trying different products as I attempt to find the perfect combination of skincare for my weird skin. As you guys know, I’ve been trying Olay’s new Mists that are meant to hydrate & energize or calm your skin (depending on the type you choose).


Both the Energizing and Calming Olay Mists have pretty cute packaging! It comes in a lightweight bottle with their signature metallic top in gold. The packaging is simple, yet tasteful.

Packaging Rating: 8/10


Out of all of the products I have tried to hydrate my skin from creams to oils, this is by far the easiest application. You just spray & go. No rubbing in, nothing! It makes is soo easy to apply on the go. I just keep a bottle in my purse & spray throughout the day to keep my skin looking fresh & glowy. Plus, the bottles are made so that you can hold down and get a continuous spray! Which makes a huge difference for application and ensuring you’re moisturizing your entire face.

Application Rating: 10/10


I loved Olay Mists!! While a lot of other hydrating products feel heavy or greasy on my face, I couldn’t feel this at all. & it still did its job – my face felt soft & awake. If I apply it in the middle of the day for a pick me up, my makeup stays put & never runs because it’s so light, & my skin feels much more awake & looks brighter. I highly recommend!

Results Rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9/10


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