How to Create Covers for Instagram Story Highlights

By now, you have probably all noticed the Story Highlights on your favorite Instagrammer’s profiles. Most of them have a cover of some kind for each highlight that tells you what each one will be about. You also may have seen really random posts on their Insta stories they tell you to just ignore. These would be Highlight Covers and I’ll teach you how to make them for yourself!

Why use story highlights?

Assuming you know what Instagram stories are (the 24 hour picture/video stories at the top of your profile), imagine picking specific posts to your story and having them saved to your profile. That’s exactly what these highlights are. You can also group these highlights into stories that go together. For example, on my profile I have Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. When I post something to my Instagram stories about one of these topics I then add them to these highlights!

Highlights are a great tool for those that want to give an overview of what they are all about. If someone new comes to your profile and want to figure out who you really are, these highlights are a great opportunity to showcase your highlight reel!

How to create a cover for your story highlights

I like to have covers on my story highlights so that it makes it clear what it’s going to be all about. It also keeps my profile clean and is just another continuation of my theme.

The app I like to use is Canva. It’s a FREE app and you can make a cover that is the exact right size with just a couple of clicks.

When you get into the app, choose the “logo” template. Then you can scroll through the MANY amazing designs and once you find one you can go into it and edit the text, colors, background, etc. It’s super simple! If there is anything you don’t want to include just click it and then click the trash can at the top.

When you are done, click “Share”. Then choose “Image – PNG”. Click “Solid Background”. Then click “Share” and save it to your camera roll. You’re set with your first story cover!

After this, just go to the cover you created in the app and hit the three dots in the upper righthand corner. Click “make a copy” and now you have a new one you can edit for your second story cover.

How to create a new highlight

Creating a highlight is pretty easy! Whenever you post anything to your story, you will see a Highlight button at the bottom after you add it. You can also highlight it after you add it by watching your story and clicking Highlight.

For your first highlight, a page will pop up allowing you to name the highlight. After your first one, you can choose to add it to an existing highlight or create a new one.

How to add the cover and more content to the highlight

To add the cover, just swipe over to where you would normally take a picture to add to your Instagram story. Then swipe up to add photos from your photo gallery. Click the latest cover you saved, zoom out so the whole cover shows and add it to your story. If this is your first highlight you’ve created you can follow the steps above.

If you’ve already created a highlight, add it to your story, click Highlight and then choose the corresponding highlight story that you want the cover associated with. You will then be able to choose between all of the stories added to the highlight for the cover. Click on the cover you want and save it.

That’s it! You’re all set. I’d love to answer any more questions you have about Instagram. If you want to know anything more, please ask in the comments.


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